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In the following are our business hour. In order to have a well maintain and environment friendly park, our park is closed on Monday to let our animals have a good rest, as well as our staff. We wish that you will have a pleasure trip and do not want to see tiring staff and animals. :)


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Camp Owner


Mr. Ahmad Fauzi Mohamed

He was born in Kuala Lumpur on 29th August 1955. He is educated in the field of maritime engineering from the Polytechnic Ungku Omar and identify some commissioned as Second Class Engineer (Motorship) in 1980.

He started his career in shipping and then decided to manage his own business in 1988. Serama Corporation Limited. established to fulfill his deep interest Serama uniqueness. As an entrepreneur he is confident that birds originated from the Earth Malaysia and renowned throughout the world are able to be commercialized.

Experience in the field of maritime engineering leveraged to develop Serama breeding center for modern and systematic in Kelantan and Selangor, while continuing research to improve the extraction of natural Malaysia Serama and high quality.

He opened a shop in Ampang Waterfront living selling Serama and other equipment related to animal husbandry and care Serama. Stores are to be rehabilitation centers for breeders and chicken enthusiasts, is the first in this country and in the world.


For further diversify downstream products, he also opened the Malaysian Serama Gallery Square and the Craft Centre, Ampang, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur. This gallery specialized in selling various products branded cenderama Malaysian Serama like paintings, decorative boxes, and a variety of high quality craft items.

To promote these products, he also opened the Boutique Café located Serama die Curve, Kota Damasara, Punjab, located in the center of his bowling that well.


Park World Serama (World Serama Park) located at Durian is the culmination of his ambitions to elevate presada Serama in the world. The theme park currently under development probelm is set to be the center of research, development, organization of exhibitions and location Serama largest in the region.

Serama Park Melaka

Serama Park Melaka has the world smallest chicken, which is called “Serama Chicken” or “Ayam Serama” in Malay. Serema originate in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, apparently through the crossing of Japanese and Malaysian bantams.[1] Other stories of the birds derived from a gift of some small chickens by the King of Thailand to a local sultan in ancient times. Small chickens have always been popular pets in this area and are often referred to as “ayam katik” (pygmy chickens) and “ayam cantik” (pretty chickens).The modern breed is attributed to the efforts of Wee Yean Een from Kelantan, who named the breed “Serama” after Rama, the title of the Kings of Thailand.The breed was first exhibited in 1990. The breed was hit hard by the Asian bird flu epidemic in 2004 when many birds were culled amid government concerns.There are no written standards for the breed in its native country. However, they do now have an overall guide on scoring and judging for competitions in Malaysia. Many breeders have a style or type that they breed to, but often breeders keep several “styles”. These styles are often names given by breeders to describe a blood line of a champion (e.g. Husin, Mat Awang), but may also be more general shape, characteristics or behaviour (e.g. slim, submarine, and dragon). Hence there is quite a lot of diversity in Malaysia, but an overall theme of a small brave chicken with a persona of fearless warrior or toy soldier. The shape, behaviour, temperament and size of the bird are the most important characteristics. They compete against each other in open table top competitions (often described as “beauty contests”) and scored by several judges. The prize for the winning birds can be quite a bit of money.
Serama Park Melaka located in the link way from Ayer Keroh, the exit from Plus highway, to Durian Tunggal, the largest reservoir in Melaka state.
So the located is easy access and only take 5 minutes when exit from Ayer Keroh Toll. It is built in year 2012 June and has been expand to the full scale in 2013. It is planned to finish the second phase in late 2014 where contain luxury tent resort.

The concept of Serama Camp & Events


The concept of Serama Park is to promote Serama Chicken to be the icon of Malaysia. It is origin from Malaysia and truely Malaysia. The market price for a good quality Ayam Serama can reach RM10,000 (USD 3000++). Hence the chicken is well known international and it has fans club in Canada and USA as well as Europe. Beside Ayam Serama Farm, the park has also built facilities such as x-games, playground, pony paddock to let family and friends can enjoy the most out of it.

Why Melaka?


This historical city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008. Malacca has adopted as its slogan, “Visiting Malacca Means Visiting Malaysia” (“Melawat Melaka Bererti Melawati Malaysia”). Industrial areas are centred along the edges of the city proper in suburbs which include Batu Berendam, Cheng, Ayer Keroh and Tasik Utama, while outside Malacca city industrial areas include Alor Gajah.


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